The OptimiseRx story: how it was developed, and why.

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OptimiseRx was developed in the UK following research that assessed prescriptions for 450,000 patients across 12 CCGs against best practice guidelines, safety guidelines and cost alternatives.

Results showed that one in ten patients (in an average practice of 5,000 patients) had safety issues with their current prescription combination and over five per cent had best practice issues.

This was aligned with research of hundreds of GPs that highlighted some prescribers suffering from ‘alert fatigue’ and ignoring system-generated messages. GPs were looking for a system that only provided alerts that were relevant, patient sensitive and covered all aspects of prescribing decision-making.

As a result, OptimiseRx was developed with medicines management teams from across 15 CCGs and CSUs – who wanted a solution to help prescribers be more consistent, cost-effective and follow best practice.

Our Team

Our team of clinical, pharmacy and IT experts drive OptimiseRx. We are the trusted experts in disseminating best practice guidance and helping the NHS implement change, at the point of care.

OptimiseRx is part of a network of clinical decision support solutions from Hearst Health including First Databank, Map of Medicine, Zynx and MCG.

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Jeff Dienhart
Jeff DienhartSenior Managing Director
Jeff has 20 years of experience with blue chip life science companies with a prior background in management consultancy. He has performed a broad range of commercial and management functions, applying diverse healthcare solutions across primary and secondary care, as well as direct to patient settings. His early career was spent at Becton Dickinson. He then joined Boston Scientific, where he held several roles, rising to European Marketing Director; moving on to the Danone Group, where he progressed to UK Medical Division Director. He has also led industry activities as Chair of the UK Medical Nutrition Executive as well as Chairman of the British Specialist Nutrition Association (BSNA). Jeff is responsible for Hearst Health’s International operations, and has been with Hearst since joining its Map of Medicine business in 2011.