Delivering patient-specific best practice, safety and cost-saving guidance to your local prescribers

OptimiseRx combines evidence-based best practice, safety and cost-effective prescribing messages, delivered in real time at the point of care. Innovative and intelligent, OptimiseRx is seamlessly integrated with the prescribing workflow of the clinical system, providing healthcare professionals with guidance based on individual patient record.

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Best practice guidance that you can trust

Clinically relevant, patient-specific guidance combined with your local CCG formulary delivered to your prescribers at the point of care.

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Improving outcomes at the point of care

Seamlessly integrated within SystmOne and EMIS Web to provide truly patient-specific clinical guidance in line with the patient record.

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Start realising benefits quickly

Enable optimal prescribing decision making across your CCG with OptimiseRx. Measure the solution impact and improve quality and productivity outcomes.

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“We are amazed with the savings we have seen with OptimiseRx… we are seeing a return of more than 6:1. It is providing real clinical benefits by automatically checking current medications for safer, more clinically appropriate or cheaper alternatives.”

Danuta Kay – Practice Pharmacist, NHS Warrington CCG

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Fighting an antibiotic crisis

January 4th, 2017|0 Comments

This article was originally published in The Commissioning Review, December edition 2016.  We are edging dangerously close to losing our ability to control everyday infections - but how can we tackle the growing resistance to [...]

Resources & Case Studies

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Case Study:
NHS Lincolnshire East CCG

With OptimiseRx, NHS Lincolnshire East CCG reduced inappropriate quinolone prescribing from 60% above national levels to 10% below.

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Solution Overview

Learn more about the benefits that OptimiseRx can deliver to your health economy, and find out how you can get started. 

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