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Enhancing medicines optimisation and best practice

NHS Warrington CCG

NHS Warrington CCG was one of the first in the UK to deploy OptimiseRx, with the aim of finding a clinically- and cost-effective solution to support true medicines optimisation and best practice prescribing of high quality medicines.

Upon full deployment of OptimiseRx to 19 GP practices, the CCG reported savings of more than £98,000 in one quarter, with an annual savings forecast of £393,504 – equivalent to a 6:1 ROI.

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“We are amazed with the savings we have made using OptimiseRx, which are far superior to our old system.

With OptimiseRx we are seeing a return on investment of more than 6:1. We are also starting to introduce the Medicines Usage Review functionality, which is providing real clinical benefits to our patients by automatically checking current medications for safer, more clinically appropriate or cheaper alternatives. Our GPs are really interested in this functionality as it shows you best practice recommendations and is patient specific; the feedback from our GPs using this has been really positive.”

Danuta Kay
Practice Pharmacist, NHS Warrington CCG

Improved antibiotic prescribing with OptimiseRx

NHS Lincolnshire East CCG

NHS Lincolnshire East CCG (LE CCG) chose to pilot OptimiseRx across four GP Practices to improve patient outcomes, promote best practice and help address their £1.8m prescribing overspend.

With OptimiseRx, inappropriate quinolone prescribing was reduced from 60% above national levels to 10% below.

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“We wanted a point of prescribing solution that was simple, quick, integrated with our clinical systems, adaptable, locally responsive and with as much emphasis on quality as cost-effectiveness.”

Dr James Howarth – Partner at Spilsby Surgery and Clinical Lead of the Skegness and Coast Locality of LE CCG