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Solution Overview

Introducing OptimiseRx

Our market research revealed that some prescribers are suffering from alert fatigue and ignoring system-generated messages. GPs told researchers that they did not want to be interrupted unless prescribing messages were relevant and covered all aspects of prescribing decision-making: in short, they wanted a more sophisticated and intelligent system. OptimiseRx is the most advanced solution on the market and the ideal way to deliver clinically appropriate prescribing information at the point of care, at the right time in the prescribing workflow.

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Best practice

Achieve improved adherence to best practice by providing prescribers with clinically relevant guidance messages

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Safer prescribing

Safety indicator messages from trusted sources including MHRA and PINCER

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Cost saving

In-year savings in excess of 300% ROI against your prescribing budget

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Trusted, patient-specific guidance that is valued by prescribers

OptimiseRx is the only solution that is tailored to the medical record and takes into consideration current and previous medications, morbidities, observations and measurements to support prescribers to make the safest, most clinically appropriate prescribing decision. OptimiseRx uses hundreds of data sets to devise clinically relevant, best practice prescribing messages within the prescribing workflow of EMIS Web and SystmOne.

  • Promotes clinically effective prescribing and reduces unwarranted variation without interrupting the normal prescribing workflow
  • Helps healthcare professionals and Medicines Management teams manage formulary compliance and understand where variance from local guidelines occurs
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“We wanted a point of prescribing solution that was simple, quick, integrated with our clinical systems, adaptable, locally responsive and with as much emphasis on quality as cost-effectiveness.”

Dr James Howarth – Partner at Spilsby Surgery and Clinical Lead of the Skegness and Coast Locality of LE CCG

A unique best practice and safety knowledge base generated by clinicians, and customised for your CCG

With OptimiseRx, your prescribing profile of best practice and safety guidance is already established for you. Start realising benefits quickly by providing your prescribers with evidence-based clinical content authored from trusted sources.    

The knowledge base is continually maintained by the OptimiseRx team of clinicians and researchers in line with current safety, best practice and cost saving guidance and is available immediately to your Medicines Management Team.

OptimiseRx content is taken from a wealth of nationally recognised, evidence based sources, including:

  • Best practice guidance from NICE, QIPP and others
  • MHRA Drug Safety Updates
  • Prescribing Safety Indicators from the Kings Fund, RCGP and PINCER Trial
  • START and STOPP Criteria
  • Latest Drug Tariff Pricing

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50% of medication errors are caused by absence of immediate and accurate information about the patient or about the medicine”

Leape LL, Bates DW, Cullen DJ et al; Systems analysis of adverse events; JAMA 1005;274:35-43
A Spoonful of Sugar, Audit commission 2001

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Optimise your savings: With OptimiseRx, organisations achieve an in-year ROI

As budgets continue to be a focus across healthcare communities, utilisation of OptimiseRx gives practices and CCGs the ability to make efficiency savings against their prescribing budget while providing high quality care.

By delivering guidance that indicates if a more cost-effective medicine is available, OptimiseRx allows you to identify the messages that will help your CCG to make the most of potential savings against your prescribing budget.

OptimiseRx incorporates current drug pricing, so you always have an accurate view of how your local prescribers are supporting local cost saving prescribing initiatives.

Make informed medicines management decisions with confidence by reporting at the individual message level.

The easy-to-use OptimiseRx reports enable you to:

  • Track, monitor and benchmark GP practices within your CCG to understand local prescribing behaviours and address unwarranted variations
  • Pin-point high-value OptimiseRx messages to optimise your cost profile
  • Review frequently rejected prescribing messages in your CCG, refine your profile to drive an increase in acceptance rate
  • Manage your financial ROI in real-time
Case Studies

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Case Studies

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